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Eventually, in every family and in every generation, there comes a time when tough decisions have to be made. When it becomes obvious that a loved one cannot live by himself or herself, and needs the kind of care and attention that’s beyond the capabilities of most families. There is a way to assure that your loved one will have the opportunity to realize the best possible health and comfort. In dignity. And love. That’s Bennington Glen.

At the time a nursing home is needed, there is often a lot of confusion for the family. A sudden or unexpected change in health conditions or an accident may prompt the need for nursing home care. Deciding on the right level of needed care and the right nursing home environment can be very overwhelming, especially when coupled with the stress of declining health. Having to make this decision by one’s self or without needed information can be detrimental to one’s long term happiness in a nursing home.

Our admissions approach is simple: we take care of everything. Our admissions coordinator will help you streamline the process by gathering the required medical information and arranging for any pre-admission assessments. With more complex medical requirements, a registered nurse may conduct a pre-admission assessment which includes an in-depth medical review, face-to-face interview with the patient and family, and consultation with the current care providers. If you don't know why something is happening, ask questions; remember we are here to assist you in any way possible.

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For further assistance or to answer any questions you might have, please contact a member of our team at (419) 253-0144.

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